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CRIT Mexico


Development of a system for infant gait and balance assessment - Modification of the NedSVE/IBV system.


CRIT, Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón de México, is a network of infant rehabilitation centers Teleton in Mexico. Its aim is to acknowledge and protect people's dignity by offering total rehabilitation to infants with neuromusculoskeletal disability in order to promote their development and integration in society.

This project was established in order to improve therapeutic intervention in the balance problems of infants with neurologic pathology. The main aim of this project was designing protocols about functional balance assessment of infants. This permits CRIT to develop more efficient rehabilitation therapies.

Infant balance assessment differs in some aspects to adult assessment, due to the maturing process of infants. Therefore, in order to be able to assess infants in growth we needed to establish specific protocols.

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IBV developed an innovative tool to assess balance in infants under the age of 20 and permits practioners dedicated to rehabilitation, to evaluate, in an objective way, the efficiency of their treatments and the effectiveness of their therapies.


We would like to thank the Colegio Santiago Grisolía and the Instituto Serpis of Valencia for their collaboration in this Project.