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Rehabilitation and Personal Autonomy in IBV

The activities of the Rehabilitation and Personal Autonomy Area of Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) aim at improving the well-being of persons with functional limitations, incrementing the activities and capacities of healthcare professionals in this area and increasing the competitiveness of companies in related industries. These targets are materialized by:

  • The development of more effective rehabilitation treatments and adequate assistive technologies,
  • Supplying healthcare professionals with tools and methodologies, that permit them to make more objective diagnosis and prescribe more adequate treatments.
  • Consultancy to companies to improve their products and services.

These activities are based on a variety of knowledge IBV gathered during the years:



The industries and professionals whom we offer our services to are: public administration, user and professional associations, manufacturers and distributors of rehabilitation products, orthopedics, hospitals, mutua of labor accidents, health insurance companies, functional assessment centers, companies that offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy services, technology and university centers dedicated to R & D.


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