driftspqDynamically Responsive Intervention for Tremor Suppression.



Current orthosis to suppress neurologic tremor in upper limbs do not, or inadequately meet the user's needs in performance, comfort, mobility and esthetics. An orthosis should suppress tremor guarantying natural movement, it should be put on and removed easily, not weigh too much, be flexible and you should be able to wear it comfortably underneath clothes.

The DRIFTS Project (Dynamically Responsive Intervention for Tremor Suppression) aims to develop an orthosis system to control and monitor tremor. DRIFTS compared the functioning of two different systems: an orthosis based in mechanical actuators (WOTAS) capable to implement algorithms of tremor suppression; and a second system based in magnetorheological fluids (DVB), which changes its viscosity characteristics when magnetic fields are present. Both orthosis are capable to suppress tremor or permit the free movement of the limb.




The developed orthosis were validated by different clinical tests on six patients with pathological tremor in upper limbs, selected by the Department of Neurology of the Hospital General Universitario de Valencia. These tests evidenced a good capacity to suppress tremor and suggested that mechanical tremor suppression by orthotic methods can be an alternative treatment.

Through this Project and the knowledge gathered about tremor suppression, IBV can be considered one of the leading investigation and development centers in this area.




We would like to thank the Hospital General Universitario de Valencia, the Israeli Center for Assistive Technology and Aging (GeronTech) and the volunteers/patients who made possible this project.


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