Emotional Design for an orthesis

Initial situation

The design is one of the most valuable elements to convey the emotional values of a product. Depending on color, shape, material, etc, a product can be perceived as more modern, more technology, more elegant or otherwise more classic and common.

Challenge posed

For this reason, EMO (Especialidades Médico Ortopédicas, S.L) in 2011 was willing to change the design of some of its textiles products(wristbands and belts lumbosacral) in order to connect more emotionally with their customers. To ensure these changes, EMO hired the user-center design´s service of the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV).


Thanks to this project, EMO has modified the design of their orthoses and has created a true love story between their brand and their customers. Now 70% of orders is grey while to date was only 30%, thus being perceived as a modern and contemporary brand.

EMO has learnt that when it is time to buy an orthosis, aspects as comfortable, easy to use and breathable are more important than colour or others emotional/aesthetic criteria. If a product does not satisfy these functional features, it does not matter its colour, because the client will not buy it.

When two products have the same functionalities, the study has stated that customers prefer to purchase a blue or grey orthesis more than a beige/skin colour one because they associate this last colour to classic and unfashionable.

With respect to tissue, users prefer the foaming tissue because the product is more comfortable and pleasant to touch the skin.

Concerning the closures, the less you have is easier to use and therefore easier to remove and put on.


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