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Development of a new device to facilitate medical examination and treatment of persons in a wheelchair.

Hospitals and other health services usually use wheelchairs to move patients and transfer them to stretchers in order to perform medical examination and treatments. This causes injuries to professionals and discomfort to patients. To solve this problem, IBV and Socinser developed a wheelchair convertible to a stretcher.

The outcome of this development project was a device composed by a wheelchair and a positioner. The wheelchair is comparable to any other wheelchair to move patients inside the hospital. When the wheelchair is placed on the positioner, it transforms to a stretcher adjustable in height and inclination.

It is also possible to adjust the height of the armrests or remove them. In this way, the device facilitates the examination of patients without having to transfer them from wheelchair to stretcher avoiding discomfort to the patient and unnecessary efforts and injuries to professionals.

The positioner was designed in order to use also with normal wheelchairs. It is possible to place another wheelchair on it and to adjust height and inclination, although you will lose the possibility to obtain a flat surface as in an examination stretcher.

The device IBV and Socinser developed, is not only intended for emergency department of hospitals but it can also be used as a postural relaxation device for people with reduced mobility in first aid centres, private clinics, etc


new posturer

We would like to thank Dr. Aleixandre Cortés and the Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine department of the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova (Valencia) for their collaboration in the functional and ergonomics evaluation in order to establish the design specifications. We also are grateful for the support and collaboration received from the Instituto de Desarrollo Económico del Principado de Asturias (IDEPA).

Download the pdf documento of our magazine Revista de Biomecánica 54 about the new wheelchair convertable to stretcher.

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