European Commission will fund the optimization of LiveRest system to prevent Pressure Injuries

20 July 2018

IBV has assisted the leader of this initiative, QIMOVA

IBV has assisted the leader of this initiative, QIMOVA

Qimova, a Danish SME and one of the most innovative companies in Europe on personalised and adapted wheelchair solutions, has developed and patented LiveRest system, a disruptive ICT solution embedded on a wheelchair that is able to avoid the development of Pressure Injuries (PI), being the only device on the market that clinically demonstrates PI prevention.

Pressure Injuries (PI) are localised injuries in the skin and/or underlying tissue initiated by a sustained impaired blood flow. Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) sufferers do not dispose of the natural mechanisms of healthy users that prevent the formation of PI.

Treating this PI is difficult, risky and expensive. PI treatment costs €20 billion per year to the European Public Health System (EPHS), uses a lot of resources and causes injuries to the caregivers that perform repositioning of the patients, resulting in compensation costs and extra human resource reduction.

This PI preventing system includes smart pants that are able to unobtrusively monitor the TV through the measurement of the impedance in direct contact with the skin, complemented by the measurement of the humidity and temperature on the zone, along with the measurement of the pressure distribution on the seat using a pressure mat. All this information is processed by a unique and validated algorithm to evaluate the risk to develop PI and to propose corrective actions combining different actuations (tilting, alternating cushion, and functional electro-stimulation -FES-).

These corrective actions depend also on the context (resting, at work, etc.) selected by the user, and have been designed to be unobtrusive. The interface between the system and the user is performed through an easy-to-use app embedded on a touchscreen.

Recently has been announced that LiveRest project has been selected for funding by European Commission SME INSTRUMENT Phase 2 and currently is preparing for the signature of the Grant Agreement. The project Budget is €2,016,546 and will receive a €1,411,582 EU Grant:

Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV), aligned with the mission to increase the competitiveness of companies that supply products and services aimed at improving the quality of life of people, has helped QIMOVA A/S in this proposal.
IBV assistance includes activities such as giving advice on how to define the business idea or concept, adapting the idea to the call of proposals, writing the proposal and management support while preparing and submitting the application.

In addition to this, IBV is a technological ally and will carry out certain project activities, acting as subcontractor.
SME instrument is a funding scheme that is intended to help traditional or innovative SME that want to grow, develop and internationalise through a European innovative project.This initiative is use to tackle the main societal challenges and speed up the entry into market of enabling and industrial technologies.

LiveRest is one of the 63 proposals selected in the 3rd Cut-off May 2018 between 1658 proposals submitted.

Qimova leads this business innovation project with the aim to demonstrate in operational environment, produce and commercialise LiveRest in the Assistive Technology market. Target customers are SCI patients and hospitals. Benefits for the patients are increased sitting time and enhanced health, social inclusion, independent living and ageing well. European public healthcare systems savings will result in more than €40 million per year, leaving free over 3,200 hospital beds per year, reduction of injuries on health professionals due to patient repositioning plus avoid loss of medical resources.

Qimova has proven the technical, commercial and financial viability of the LiveRest system in a SME Instrument Phase 1 project and has been carrying out intensive business-related operations to achieve key stakeholder involvement and to promote the solution at European level in order to be prepared to approach the commercialisation phase.

The current Phase 2 will give the definitive boost to the LiveRest product, as it will allow Qimova to implement its vision of reducing the current and overwhelmingly high healthcare costs associated with treating SCI patients suffering from PI. Phase 2 project will enable the optimisation, showcasing as well as long-term clinical validation of the whole system in renowned SCI rehabilitation institutions, who will very likely recommend and purchase LiveRest once it reaches the market. We will also achieve the free marketability of LiveRest and elaborate an investor-ready business plan.

During the Phase 2, QIMOVA will involve 5 world renowned SCI rehabilitation hospitals in UK, Spain, Denmark, Germany and Italy in the clinical validation of the system (National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust,UK, Hospital Nacional de Paraplégicos de Toledo, ES, Rigshospitalet, Region Hovedstaden, DK, Heidelberg University Hospital, DE, and IRCCS Fondazione Santa Lucia, IT).

Further information in Easme website: Top-class innovative projects get €113 million from the EIC SME Instrument.



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