The services we offer to companies are: :

auton_1Contracted R & D. IBV offers help to companies in the development of new products, starting with the strategic definition of the product or service up to the detailed design and evaluation.


auton_2Technology Assessment to companies. The consulting services of IBV include all activities to improve or accommodate the services and products of companies such like state of art analysis of specific topics, structural analysis of products, definition of technical specifications, etc.


auton_3Inspection and Testing. IBV has at its disposal one of the most important laboratories in Europe for assistive technologies. The aim of these tests is characterizing the products and obtaining the CE label.


auton_4Vocational Training. IBV passes on its knowledge by means of training courses, if necessary in collaboration with external professionals. ( Moreover, IBV participates in several masters like the inter-university Master in Biomedical Engineering (


auton_5Biomechanical Evaluation of Persons. At IBV we are capable to know the functional capacities of persons, based in biomechanical analysis. These evaluations are carried out to learn about the repercussions of injuries, to control the evolution of a patient or to know the effectiveness and efficiency of a treatment or an assistive technology.


auton_6Person oriented design (DOP). This service offers methodologies and technologies that permit objectify the perception, usability, functionality, etc that users attribute to existing or non-existing products and services.


Moreover, we offer the following products to our clients:

auton_7Transfer of biomechanical applications.As a result of investigation projects and several years offering services to companies, IBV developed applications that evaluate the functional capacities of persons. These applications are not only registering systems, they also have incorporated databases and methodologies that evaluate the degree of repercussions of injuries as well as the degree of collaboration.

auton_8Transfer of ICT applications. IBV offers applications that are based in Information and Communication Technologies. These applications are systems that improve internal processes in companies.

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