Tremor supresion by means of electrofunctional estimulation

Initial situation

Pathological tremor is the most common movement disorder. More than 5% of people older than 50 suffers from some kind of pathological tremor. However, the conventional treatments are not effective for a 25% of cases.

Tremor, although not being a health threat is very disabling and has an important potential impact in many of the activities for daily living such as eating, drinking or shaving. Subsequently, being able to suppress pathological tremor, while keeping at the same time voluntary movements, can be an alternative, with a big impact in the quality of life of patients.

Challenge posed

European Project TREMOR, in which IBV is participating, aimed to explore the viability of using Functional Electrical Stimulation as an alternative to suppress pathological tremor in the upper limb.


A prototype of the system has been developed and two strategies for tremor suppression have been validated. The strategies are based on the simultaneous contraction of antagonist-agonist muscles , and on alternative contraction of both groups of muscles as well.

The image shows the results of tremor suppression applied to a patient of parkinson disease.




Asociación Parkinson Valencia, Valencia General Hospital and Bioengineering group from CSIC

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